Practical steps to take, when life feels complicated

May 26, 2015 • By


Sometime ago I was caught up in many things and felt like I was wearing too many hats, yet I wouldn’t feel like I achieved the success I should have. My schedule was full, things were getting done, but something was missing, something very important and crucial.

I started thinking and digging into the root of the problem and soon realized I was living according to the clock and not the compass (a principal I’ve been teaching to our internship students just last year).


photo credit: @meet_clayton

In this principal, the clock symbolizes to-do checklists and schedules, while the compass represents your dreams, vision and global desires.

I realized that my close focus on daily things distracted me from the bigger picture, essence of what I wanted my life to look like. The definition of “success” has been twisted from having a healthy marriage, happy kids and growing in God to simply finishing daily tasks.

A close focus on daily things can distract you  from the big picture.

So where do you start your journey to success? Here’s the answer: before any journey, you need to know your desirable destination. Take a few steps back and look at your life from the side. Where are you at right now (spiritually, financially, emotionally, physically, etc.) and where do you want to be? Having this image in your head is like having a treasure map which makes it so much easier to get there and saves you from wandering and wasting time.

If you don’t know where are you going, any road will take you there.


photo credit: @robstrok