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How Pro Photographers Turn Instagram Followers Into Clients

December 24, 2015 • By

Instagram has played a huge role in the photography industry and how we see it. While it fooled some people that they are are now “professional” photographers, it also inspired many people to discover and master their skills. As a result, we now have more young talented photographers on the market, which is always good.

You might think, “If Instagram inspired it in the first place, why wouldn’t they use it to it’s full potential for their business as well?” Simply because to have a personal page and a more business-oriented page are different things. So when you ask yourself, how can I grow my audience and down the road turn them into clients, you should consider taking those simple steps: 

  1. Educate

While showcasing your work is awesome and probably the main attention-grabbing tool you have, to share tips with your audience can be a great converting tool from leads to customers. This can do a few positive things for you: a) it will show that you actually care and want to help, b) it gives you credibility and ensures you know what you are talking about, c) it can make your followers feel more confident about themselves and convince them to book you!

Instagram Photographers Coffee

  1. Communicate

I hope you already respond to any comments and do basic communication, but why not take it to the next level and actually start the conversation? There is a misconception that people only scroll and double-tap, but you’d be surprised of how many people are actually very active when it comes to communication. It can be the simple question like where are your followers from or what is their favorite season is. You can even go farther and ask your previous customers (who probably follow you there already) to share one thing they loved the most about working with you. Imagine getting free powerful promotion from real life people with just one simple caption.

  1. Collaborate

Not many photographers collaborate with each other. Hopefully it’s just because everybody is overbooked with amazingly creative projects, but collaborating will stretch your creativity and will help you grow and an artist will build your portfolio with something you are actually proud of and will introduce you to a new audience of other photographers.

If you are afraid of your existing customers leaving you for that other photographer, a) you need to build up your confidence b) find a photographer from a different specialty, city or style. 


Few of the great examples to follow

And as boring it might sound, I would highly recommend analyzing the result of every step or action taken because only that can give you a better picture of what works and what you should focus more of your time on. Also check some of the photographers Huffington Post recommends to follow.

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