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6 Quick Tips For Dealerships To Sell On Instagram (Part 2)

September 4, 2016 • By



What some would consider almost impossible task or even waste of time, can actually improve your sales by 29% (according to no studies). This is how:

In the First Part we talked about 6 things every dealership should be focusing on their instargam account, so if you’ve missed it, I highly encourage to go back and dear it first. Here are 7 more:

7. Can I touch it?

It can look nice, but it needs to be clear you are local. If you do your marketing right then most of your followers should be local or in the drivable distance. Make sure customers understand that things they see on the feed can be encountered, touched and test driven. invite people, remind about your address and work hours.


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8. Show off

The industry is changing very fast, but people have no idea what kind of features are out yet. Showcase different features of different cars that can attract actual visits. maybe 4×4 on a Jeep before the snow hits or convertible on a hot summer day.

9. Look at me!

The goal is to be noticed by as many people as possible (right audience of course), so how you do it does not matter as much for the most part. find ways to connect with the right audience, follow/like/comment so people will click on your account, from there the count will determine if they’ll follow or not.

10. Money, money, money!

Paid Instagram ads are the topic on its own so I won’t touch it now, but to work with local influencers can be very effective in several ways. First, you can reach a huge number of people. If you find the right influencer- local people. Second, their feature can give huge credibility if they will present it right. And thirdly, it can be not that expensive! Depending on the following group, engagement rating and your ability to communicate, you can get a great exposure in exchange of simple car check up, small repairs, or $50-250. Here is an example but with video, of collaboration between Ford and an amazing videographer Devin Tramp:

11. It’s not a treasure hunt.

While I love treasure hunts, this is not the best time for it, you want your customers to find you. always use geolocation, make sure your address is very easy to find on your website and that link to your website is clickable on your profile. When appropriate, consider even including your address in some comments, but still make it easy for people by just making a few clicks rather than memorizing and then typing it in the maps.

12. Don’t use hashtags!

You’ve heard me right, don’t use them. Why? Because how many people are shopping for a car through a hashtag? Exactly.. nobody does! But unfortunately recently hashtags turned into another way for bots and spam accounts to find you. This might give you some extra followers, but they will be completely useful! Ever came a corporate Instagram account with 100K+ followers and just 23 likes on pictures? You don’t want to be that guy. It’s better to have 7K followers with 800 likes on pictures because it shows that you have the right audience.

13. Show me that you care!

This one is extra. Not required, but if you want to take an extra mile, find a way to stand out from the crowd. It can be a social cause support, giving away meals to the homeless or bringing attention to existing problems. When those problems are industry related, even better! Here is an excellent example by @ford


14. Use videos

Video is an amazing way to showcase almost anything and cars are not an exception. It might take a little time to optimize files for the instagram, but it’ll be worth it! If you can afford to have your own professional videos – great, but if not, find and use branded commercials of the vehicles you sell!

At the end of the day, if you want to stand out amongst the competition, you have to do something different. Perhaps, social media and digital marketing can be a game changer here. If you have any questions or want to chat more about this topic, feel free to connect with me through the contact form!