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6 Quick Tips For Dealerships To Sell On Instagram (Part 1)

November 4, 2016 • By


Long gone are the days when Instagram was seeing as the place for selfies, food photos and mountain views. Over the past few years, it rapidly became a great marketplace with very good opportunities to build your brand and gain trust and love from customers. If you are an old school and believe that yellow page is the way to go, I probably won’t convince you, but if you realize that 99.9% of your customers have Instagram and spend A LOT of time there, you need to look you best when they notice you.

Here are few steps that can help you to improve the way your dealership looks and speaks (you didn’t know you actually can talk through it?) to your customers.

Instagram sells cars on dealership

1. Make it look cozy

Remember, you are not making an actual sale on the Instagram, you just in the very first date with your customer. So focus on the emotional connection through visual look of your feed. Interior images are perfect for that.

2. Give tips!

The best thing you can do to attract customers to stay is to bring them value. How to choose the right car for you? What to look for while buying a used car? This is a great place to engage with customers though questions or encouraging to tag somebody who is looking for a car. This way you don’t appear selling, but helping! And people don’t like to be sold to but helped to.

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3. It never hurts to dream a little

Everybody have a dream. Some have big once, some have small once. Some will reach theirs, some won’t. What does it have to do with you? A lot. Sell rarely happened in one encounter. Most of the time there are several steps required and this can be one of the very first steps for you to say to your potential customers, “Look at this beautiful car! It’s shiny, clean and you would look so pretty/powerful (depending on a gender) in it.”

4. Look at this guy!

We all saw (or you even guilty of doing it yourself) those post with a car and a guy half smiling next to it. The idea was to share happy customer and his new ride, but something went wrong. First of all, not every customer should be in front of your camera. Not because they are not models, but because it’s awkward! It would be for me. Professional photographers master the skill of posing clients to look good and you expect them to do this work for you? Not going to work. What to do? Either choose the ones who are very photogenic (mostly females) or try to snap a behind the scene image of the signing or seating inside the car. Their buying story in the comment can be more important than their face smile. Also don’t forget to tag them! This way a) they can repost it and tag you back so their friends will see it and b) other people will see that they are real people, not hired models.


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5. Are your images as good as your cars?

People love eye candy images, so don’t compromise on the quality photography, because poor images = poor real experience in customer’s head. get a professional photographer! and no, the guy with the point-and-shoot camera who takes pictures of your inventory most likely won’t do a good job here. Social media post is very different from 20 images gallery of the car you’re selling. That one post needs to speak clearly and boldly and that takes some skill. You easily find great local photographer on If you just starting out and can’t afford it just yet, don’t give up, use professional brand images and give them image credit.

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6. Be human

I know the point is to sell cars. But ask customers what do they hate in going to the dealership? According to no research I did, the answer is “pushy aggressive salesman”. Customers want to feel like they have control when they look at cars and nobody is trying to take that control from them. Due to bad sales training, for many years customers have been screaming, “speak to me, don’t sell me”. This covers everything from replying to the comments, sharing personal images {with quality in mind}, showcasing your morning cup of coffee, etc.