4 Free New Apps You Are Not Using (But Should Be)

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Every day, the app store gets around 1,500 to 2000 requests for new apps. Right now there are more than 1,892,698 apps already available, but how many of them are useful? How many solve existing problems, make our life easier and have good user experience interface? Statistics can’t really answer that. One thing is obvious though, we need to choose carefully what we install on our phones or we’ll end up with a bunch of icons which we never use or even open.
I tried to sort very carefully and choose thoughtfully only new not very promoted apps which I enjoy, so here they are:


MailBurn App


Another mail client? Not really! I tried probably 4-5 different apps before hoping they will offer something unique to deal with several emails I work with daily, but nothing impressed me. Mailburn, on the other hand considered the way we communicate through the mobile device daily and adopted email structure accordingly. They transformed emails into the form of text messages! Genius, isn’t it?

“Turn email into social messaging. See conversations as chats like in Slack, without “Show quoted text” and other distracting stuff.”


On top of that, would you like to know when the recipient actually opens the email you sent? Now you can! Automatically, without third party apps, right in the Mailburn. You are welcome!

Level Money App


If you are like me, and prefer to tell money where to go, instead of wondering where it went, you will like this one. It’s not just an average budgeting tool. While giants like Mint or EveryDollar are great and have a lot of features, Level has one which won me over: it tells you how much you have left to spend. Yup, you set the amount you are planning to spend at the restaurants this month, and as the month goes, you can visually see how much you have left.

“Level works kind of like a financial GPS, getting you from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s easier to make spending decisions when you know what you’re working with.”




Of course it has many of the standard features you would expect in the money managing tool: insights and overview of your connected bank accounts, long or short term planning, confidentiality, etc.

Work Hard Anywhere App


“Built for creatives” This is how they summarize the app in few words, but I think it goes even beyond that. Have you ever had a conversation with someone (an old friend coming to town, potential business partner, etc.) and then they ask. “Where do you want to meet?” Of course, Starbucks is on every other corner here in North west, but you want something more unique and authentic. Or maybe you have homework to do or images from the recent photo session to edit. Googling the right place just won’t do it and will take some time. What if there was a place where you could see all the cool places around you, already reviewed by other people like you? Well, now with WorkHardAnywhere you can!


“Work may be hard, but finding a spot to work shouldn’t be.”



A collection of work-optimized spaces in the palm of your hand. Mobile. Easy. Constantly updated by your fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives. And there is a community growing around it, so don’t be shy! Contribute and review places you have ben to as well!

Days App

days-headerHow many days till Christmas? Or Black Friday sales? Or your mom’s birthday? In a stream of events we have happening every single day it’s easy to forget an important moment. But it can cause some serious consequences (and all husbands who forgot their wedding anniversary before said, “Amen!”). That’s where reminders come in handy. They are built into every smartphone in our days. But for me as a designer and very visual person, I like to see what event is coming up, not just have a text line. I have searched a long time for a good countdown app and most of them would do the job but would look so 1800s that I couldn’t handle it. And then randomly I came across Days App.

“The Days you will remember.”



Note, please follow the link on their website to download the app. Due to a very common name “Days” app does not come up in the top search results.

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I hope you will give these apps a try, and they will make your daily life a little bit easier! If you have any comments, or you have some other useful apps, please comment bellow!

p.s. I was not paid to mention any of these apps. It is my honest and personal opinion based on real experiences.